At Elia Essentials, we're all about protecting and enhancing your natural hair. When designing our small and large hair scrunchies, they needed to fit this criteria. Lots of research went into finding the best fabric for our scrunchies… and then we found mulberry silk! We were amazed to find out the benefits of mulberry silk to our hair and knew we had to use this fabric for our scrunchies. Continue reading to find out the benefits of mulberry silk to your hair!  

  1. Mulberry Silk protects your hair from breakages and split ends due to there being less friction created.
  2. Our small & large hair scrunchie will increase longevity of your hair style compared to normal hair bands. On day two curls but need to get it out of your face whilst you shower? Our mulberry silk scrunchies lessen the usual kinks and creases that normal hair bands create, leaving your hair looking like its day one style always.
  3. The anti-static qualities of mulberry silk reduces tangles and knots.
  4. Mulberry silk absorbs significantly less moisture compared to cotton and other materials, leaving your hair more hydrated.
  5. Mulberry silk is a natural & sustainable fabric made from silkworms, helping our environment and being that bit more friendly than other man-made materials.

Start protecting your hair today and shop our Elia Essentials Scrunchie Set in Black, Leopard or Champagne Rose.

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